Ascension of Our Lord Greek Orthodox Church, Lincolnshire, IL (Alternate Design)

Worship - Orthodox
About This Project

JNKA developed this Master Plan for a new 39,000 s.f. parish complex, including a 450 seat church, baptistry, belltower, administrative wing, multi-purpose gymnasium, and an education wing. The exterior design features traditional Byzantine style domes and masonry detailing with clay tile roofing. The design also incorporated sustainable design principles as required to achieve Gold LEED Certification, including photovoltaic roof tiles, geothermal mechanical system, and rainwater harvesting. Due to the economic impact of the recent recession, JNKA was asked to develop an alternate design for converting the existing church into a parish center with classrooms and designing the new worship space as an addition to the existing facility. This approach achieved most of the design and programmatic goals of the master plan for less than half the cost. The alternate design was approved by the parish, received the required zoning approvals, and is scheduled to start construction in 2017.