Multi-Faith Chapel

Worship - Other
About This Project

This multi-faith chapel was designed as an interdenominational meditation space in the administrative headquarters of a healthcare provider representing three Christian traditions.

Located in the space of a former rectangular conference room near the main entrance to the building, a new curved flooring pattern and corridor wall with drywall reveals invite people into the chapel. An entry space serves as a transition and provides bookshelves for reading materials and a decorative feature wall for sacred art.  The circular shape of the prayer space is distinct from the building’s rectilinear office plan and conjures theological concepts of heaven, timelessness and perfection beneath its celestial blue dome.

The seating area is oriented toward a custom-designed cross and decorative stone wall featuring a cove ceiling with concealed wall-wash lighting that convey the message of Christ as the cornerstone of Christianity. The stone wall is bordered on each side by private prayer niches, one for reading scripture passages and the other for writing personal prayer intentions.  Stained-glass windows in the entrance door and at one of the prayer niches are backlit by natural light from the exterior curtain wall of the building and heighten the sense of the sacred.

Note:  Name and location withheld at owner’s request.