Our Lady of Ransom Catholic Church, Niles, IL

Worship - Catholic
About This Project

The goal of this interior renovation was to beautify the former all-white and poorly lit church while heightening the sense of the Sacred with color, pattern and architectural elements to differentiate the Sanctuary from the Nave and visually accentuate the liturgical furnishings, tabernacle and Marian devotional. A custom stencil pattern on the Sanctuary walls provides a beautiful yet subtle backdrop for the liturgical furnishings; radial wood canopies with inset mosaics and bronze metal reveals serve as crowns over the tabernacle and statue of Mary; the raised ceiling above the Sanctuary is painted with a celestial blue color and stars to reflect the Heavens; and a continuous blue and gold band with titles of Mary adds additional color to the perimeter ceiling and unifies the Sanctuary with the Nave. Unsightly wall sconces were removed and replaced with a continuous cove ceiling with concealed up-lighting; wall-wash fixtures highlight the new stencil pattern, and new theatrical spot lights accentuate the Sanctuary and each of its liturgical furnishings.