Saint Innocent of Alaska Orthodox Mission Church, Oneonta, New York

Worship - Orthodox
About This Project

Located in rural upstate New York on a ten-acre plot of land, this mission church derives from the Boyko tradition of wooden construction, modified to incorporate a lower level gathering space on a steep, wooded terrain.  Approached by a hillside descent off the main access road, a perimeter path surrounds the church for both vehicular circulation and religious processions, equally accounting for handicap accessibility to both levels of the building.  Lush exterior landscaping compliments the forested surrounds, designed to provide stately views of the church building and its five domes.  The interior consists of a narthex that doubles as a cry space, with the domed interior enhanced by custom liturgical furnishings and iconography. The iconostasis separates the sanctuary and its flanking working and vesting sacristies, with the former having its own exterior entrance.  In addition to mechanical and restroom space, the lower level provides a multipurpose gathering space and open kitchen for community use.