Grace Lutheran Church, Glen Ellyn, IL

Hospitality, Worship - Protestant
About This Project

A new three level addition and renovation has been constructed for Grace Lutheran Church in Glen Ellyn, Illinois that more than doubles the size of their original narthex/gathering space and includes much needed accessibility improvements. The new bell tower enhances visibility for the church which is centrally located in the downtown area on a very tight site. Interior lighting was custom designed to backlight the previously exterior upper windows along the west side of the church nave to maintain the translucent aesthetics of the colored glass. The main entry includes an accessible entrance with a wide, automatic operating door for caskets, wheelchairs, and parents with strollers. On the lower level a new youth room and much needed storage. A new parlor meeting room with a cathedral ceiling is prominently located above the entry. New accessible toilets are now located on each of the three floors.